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13th ANNUAL Illuminated Garden

"The Eyes Have It" by St. Michael's Country Day School students was one of the exhibits scheduled to appear at the 13th Annual Illuminated Garden. Instructor: Robert Kalaidjian.
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13th Annual Illuminated Garden
Crews from the City of Newport, Friends of Ballard Park and Bartlett Tree Experts worked hard all week but wet weather forced Friends of Ballard Park to cancel the 13th Annual Illuminated Garden on all three nights it was set to run in February 2018.

Students toiled for several months creating terrific exhibits for the event, like "The Eyes Have It", shown in the photograph above but the weather simply didn't cooperate. Forty eight (48) students in grades 5 - 8 at St. Michael's Country Day School studied various animal, human and historical eyes. They drew them on paper then on plexiglass panels using acrylic. Another ten junior high school students created the framework at a special shop class.

Dave Connell, instructor of the graphic design program at the Newport Area Career & Technical Center on the Rogers High School campus, oversaw the creation of thirteen student sculptures. Students worked individually and in small groups using materials ranging from wood, old pipes and lights to chicken wire, re-bar and boat wrap donated by Casey's Marina. Exhibits made by NACTC students included:

Rhode Island Senate


“87” by John Hermes and Caeli Palmer was a tribute to the late NPD officer Barry McGee. It was made with wood, rope lights, rebar, paint and a desk lamp.

“A Blue Moon” by Cassidy Adroved with wood, rope and tube lights.

Crazy Bees” by Lily McCarthy and Marley Gifford incorporated hula hoops, wire, zip ties, tube lighting, electrical tape, fishing line and zip ties.

“Ellie the Elephant” a sculpture of chicken wire, wire, grass, rope lights and flood lights by Jack Alexander and Jordan Branco.

Hank the Octopus” by Michaela Mathews, Graeme Clougher and Hunter Hanson with chicken wire, flood lights, paint, re-bar, zip ties and boat wrap donated by Casey’s Marina.

“Melvin the Giraffe” by Miren Arambarri and Ryan Anderson with chicken wire, spray paint, fabric, lights and oriental grass.

“Mufasa” by Meg Turner and Jane Leys was fastened with chicken wire, paint, rope lights, grass, LED lights and flood lights.

Pure H20” by Ryan Collum was made with pipes, cheesecloth, a bucket and LED lights.

The Cube of Light” by Ezra Monteiro was made from poly core, colored film, spot light and sheets donated by Howard Johnson.

Tic, Tac, Toe” Tyler Miller, Matthew Spring, Graeme Clougher and Cassidy Adroved was made from wood, re-bar, rope lights and glow in the dark paint.

The Long Way Home” by Meg Turner, Caeli Palmer, Estela Catalan and Matthew Spring was made from poly core, wood, vinyl and flood lights.

Trusty Tree Tap” by Aubrey Baker and Hunter Hanson is made with PVC pipe, bucket, zip ties, fishing line, LED lights and a blue strobe light. Instructor:

Zip Lining Away” by Samantha Sharp and Katelyn Shemeley of chicken wire, rope lights, rope, zip ties and LED lights.
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Charlene Tuttle's students at Lawn Avenue Elementary in Jamestown learned about rockets and watched the rocket launch in January for inspiration for their display: "SpaceX Reflections". The exhibit featured a rocket made of packing tape and haikus about space exploration.

Jessica Coriander, a parents of students at All Saints Academy, oversaw the creation of "Let the Light Guide Your Way" a mobile made from paint, sequins, recylced coffee rails, chicken wire, zip ties and Munroe dairy lids.