Newport RI Ballard Park


When Carol Ballard donated Ballard Park to the City of Newport in 1990, she envisioned it would be used as an outdoor learning library for area children. Since 2002, children have been participating in Summer and School year programs hosted by Friends of Ballard Park which have allowed them to interact with subjects they have been learning about in books and connect with the environment.

Ballard Park is a thirteen acre nature preserve located directly across from Rogers High School on Wickham Road in Newport, RI. The park has several ecosystems – from woodlands to a large, open quarry meadow with a one acre vernal pond - and is home to all three rock types (sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic) which provide for a myriad of learning opportunities. Ballard Park also allows for unobtrusive observation of the abutting fifty four acre wildlife refuge by providing paths suitable for walking and bird watching. The park is home to a diversity of wildlife including birds, insects, deer and other mammals.

Friends of Ballard Park hosts field trips for school classes, scout groups and various organizations. Trips range from an hour to two hours in length and are offered all year long. Hands-on lessons and activities linked to GSE's on a variety of subjects have been developed by our staff (see the list by clicking here). We can also customize a program for your class or group.


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